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"Free" Delphi GIS-Komponenten

    GISAR project is 2D,3D dinamic model of real objects (for example streets,roads,houses,telephones,clients, etc) , that may be used for development any functional and visual models of real system. It is example of GIS(geo-informational system)
  • DSpatial
    DSpatial is an Open Source software development project to provide developers using Delphi and Kylix with a library of tools for the use, manipulation, and visualization of spatial data. Spatial data includes any sort of data which can be geolocalized (vector data, raster data, tesselations, satellite imagery, ...) and its attributes.
  • Geoblock
    Geoblock is an application for 3D modeling, database management and visualization of geoscience datasets. It is designed to use for mineral deposit exploration, ore reserve estimation, mine planning and simulation of processes in mining sites.

Komerzielle Delphi GIS-Komponenten

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Delphi Hilfen

  • DelphiWorks?
    Eine freie und kostenlose Bibliothek der unterschiedlichsten Funktionen für die Borland Delphi Entwicklungsumgebung. DelphiWorks ist kompatibel mit den Delphi-Versionen 4 bis 7.

Delphi Komponenten

Kylix (Delphi für Linux)